Giving Thanks for the Stress, Dips, Conflict and Nudges

I’ll admit, it’s cliche to pause once a year and reflect on the blessings we have and give thanks. We all know we should do it more often.

But I need a reminder…and the season is fitting.

While I’m eternally grateful for the love and support of my family and friends, this post is written with my small business owner hat on.

Too often business owners and entrepreneurs focus only on the step on the stairs right in front of them, instead of pausing on each landing to reflect on how far they’ve come, to take a breath, to appreciate the pain and the triumph and give thanks for it all.

Though uncomfortable, I’m thankful for the stomach-churning stress, it reminds me I’m still in motion.

Thanks too for the hives and sometimes feelings of panic, they reinforce the passion I feel for what I do and how serious I take it.

Thanks for the conflict and discord, the disagreement and discourse. Through sharing differences of opinion my colleagues make me think broader and deeper and better.

And to that point, I’m thankful that I’m not surrounded by yes-women and yes-men. The no’s and maybe’s and meh’s always nudge an idea in creation into something better.

While I’m in the midst of the ride I don’t really appreciate the dips on the roller coaster. But looking back – those down cycles sure make me realize how high the ups are.

I have gratitude for the hyperspeed nature of my industry, forcing me to be on my toes to keep up and try to stay ahead.

Thanks too for my competitive nature, which keeps me up at night when I feel like I’m falling behind and inspires me to try harder.

I deeply appreciate the close community of friends near and far, online and offline, who are there as sounding boards, focus groups, feedback channels and just plain-friendly-advice-offerers. Thanks for pushing, prodding and encouraging.

And I’m grateful that nearly five years ago I was forced out of my comfort zone. Without that nudge of a job disappearing, I may never have had the nerve or necessity to embark on an entrepreneurial journey.


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