JFlynn_web2018Jess Flynn calls herself an ‘accidental entrepreneur’, embarking on her journey to start Red Sky after a career in journalism and a stint leading global communications for an all-season resort. Jess prides herself on being a seed sower, storyteller and connector, and she’s passionate about creating and sharing stories that matter.

A graduate of the University of Texas at Austin, she holds a degree in Broadcast Journalism. Her first career took her to Austin, Pittsburgh and a boomerang back to Boise working as an Emmy-award winning TV News Producer and Executive Producer.

As CEO of Red Sky, Jess sets the company vision, provides strategy and ideation across the client portfolio and leads the agency’s executive training programs. She devotes her time to eating and wine’ing, exploring and reading, creating and instigating, and supporting women in leadership, the entrepreneurial ecosystem, and the arts community.

*Beware her synapses of fury.