Mantras for the Manifesto

I’m a sucker for lists. Inspiring lists. Do this lists. Don’t do this lists.

As I ponder the various aspects of what I want to be in this book, this rant, this manifesto there are several things that I keep coming back to.

  • Never apologize for your ambition
  • Embrace conflict and competition
  • Optimists need pragmatists…and vice versa
  • Neither nature or nurture define you
  • You can have your all, but you get to define what ‘all’ is

Leave My Ring Finger and Uterus Alone

I’m writing a book!  No really, I am.

I figured if I put it out on the intertubes the embarrassment and guilt of not getting the dang thing out of my head and into the written word would drive me to complete it.

It’s about the weighty title above. A manifesto. A rant. I still haven’t fully decided.

You can find out the crux of it here.