Off for a Little Inspiration & Intimidation

It’s early and I’m airport-bound.

Destination – Aspen.

Not for a celebrity jaunt – though I am sure I will see a few rich & famous folk.

I’m headed to the annual Aspen Ideas Festival, “…a conversation-packed exploration of some of the most important ideas and pressing issues we face.”

How can you not be energized by a description like that? The issues on tap, the mix of conversation opportunities and the amazing speakers on the lineup awed – and intimidated – me.

This is year two of my quest to attend gatherings that challenge and expand my thinking.

Last year? World Domination Summit.

This time around, more inspiration than domination.

Ideas, pure and simple, can be inspirational. They can plant seeds where none existed. They can morph an existing thought into quite another. They can introduce us to worlds of thinking we have never considered, thought about, imagined… And that’s why we like to share them!

Here’s to serendipity, planting seeds and doing epic shit.


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